Curriculum Vitae

French born artist, Anne-Laure Demene has made Australia her home for over 20 yrs.

Her inevitable direction in art is inherited through an internationally recognised family of artists, consisting of 2 painters, a poet and a musician. Professionally, Anne-Laure was an interior designer and based herself at her picture framing Shop in Woolloongabba – Brisbane. Upstairs the shop had a gallery and the passion to expose and exteriorise her designs through art became her obvious ambition. Her business sold, Anne-Laure immediately focused on her sculptures full time.

You will interact with her art, her aim is for you to understand her via her many different styles. You as the critic can participate in her development and translation of the human body. The human body with all its inner character and beautiful lines never ceases to provide grace and elegance, but is also a window to the soul. This is how it is captured and exposed by Anne-Laure.

The clever use of materials exposes the human body as it was intended, silky lines, smooth contours – a serene honour that excludes the aggressive or the cruel and unkind. In contrast her portraits speak of a life within all of the relative realities that exist today.

Since the very first touch there has been communication, a dialogue between the clay and her fingers, not just into her pieces but also from her pieces, and each have a character that is exteriorised as though each piece has a soul, and a voice within.

Experience not just Anne-Laure’s ability to translate messages through clay but also the messages of her art.